Sleep Apnea

What You Need To Know About Snoring

Snoring is when you breathe during sleep with a hoarse noise due to vibration of the soft palate. Most everyone knows of someone who snores, and it can be a bothersome sound that many people shrug off or laugh at, but it’s important to know that snoring may be a sign of a more serious medical condition called sleep apnea. This medical condition is essentially a decrease intake of OXYGEN while the person sleeps. Grasping for air from time to time is not other thing than a survival instinct that allows that person to breathe and stay alive. Sleep apnea is link to many other health conditions like hight blood pressure, diabetes and many more.

That is why it’s important to have a consultation with a health care provider to determine if there is more to your snore.

Oral appliances are an option to treatment for this condition. Call us and get information on our Sleep Apnea Exam! We can help you sleep and breath better

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